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Active in the industry for over sixty years; we manufacture and sell semi-finished Copper, brass and zinc for the electrical, metal packaging, railway, tubes, automotive, billets and special conductor markets.

Established in Algeria since 2012. Arab Metals is one of the fundamental actors in the regional industry when it comes to Copper and brass production, supplying high quality products to both local and foreign markets.




Developing innovative solutions for Copper and Brass, as well as providing superior quality products at the most competitive prices. Arab Metals is determined to meet the expectations of our clients and of our society, by creating value and by practicing responsible management of our production processes.


To position ourselves amongst the best manufacturers of copper and brass, and to be a module in the development of efficient solutions in copper and a leader in the recycling of copper and brass.



ARAB METALS offers a large range of copper and brass high quality products which comply with the European norms ASTM B49, IEC 60228 (for Copper) and CW614N, CW 617N (for Brass).

Our production process is derived from highly pure copper and brass scrap that is meticulously selected through precise chemical analysis and assessment of the raw materials in our labs.

Arab Metals uses LME grade copper cathodes and extremely pure zinc ingots.


Copper Wires

Range from
1.27mm up to 14mm

Copper Ingots

Round shaped Ingots. Diameter: 170 mm
Lengths upon client’s request.

Copper Conductor

Rigid Copper Round and Compacted
Earthling Strands from 16mm up to 50 mm

Round Bars

Manufactured in different Diameters:
From 14 mm to 100 mm
the bars Lengths are upon request in
function of the needs of the client.
Chamfered or Unchamfered

Copper Earth Rods

Manufactured in different diameters:
14 mm to 20 mm
And in bigger Diameters in function
of the Client’s needs – Lengths:
1 to 3 meters

Bus Bars

Standard: from 20mm x 5mm to 60mm x
And from 20mm x10mm to 60mm x
– Lengths from 1m to 5m
– We Manufacture any sizes according to
the customer’s needs.
– Sharped or round edges


Brass round Bars

Norms CW 614N, CW 617N Manufactured in different Diameters: – 14 mm to100 mm *Bars Lengths are upon request in function of the client’s needs (from 1 to 6 meters). – Chamfered or Unchamfered

Brass Ingots

Round shaped Ingots,
Norms CW 614N CW 617N or specific compositions. Diameter: 170 mm Lengths: According to the customer’s needs.



All important parameters are continuously tested to provide quality products.
The following tests below ensure the rod produced is of consistently high quality.
Innovative technologies enable us to stay up to date with the customer’s needs of the industry in markets and develop more sustainable products with higher added value to our clients.



Our Factory

Located in the industrial area of Médea 80 km from Algiers, and distributed over approximately 28700m². Equipped with advanced technologies, research centers, along with our highly skilled and trained team all put in place to ensure the superior quality of our products, which are manufactured according to international standards

Our Laboratories

Arab metals’ state of the art labs are equipped with the latest technologies to ensure the quality of our products during every step of the manufacturing process.

Our Production Lines

Innovative technologies enable us to stay up to date with the customized needs of the industrial markets and develop more sustainable products with higher added value to our clients.


1. Wooden palettes: ingots and copper wires
2. Steel Reels: drawn copper wires
3. Wooden Reels: drawn copper wires
4. Wooden Boxes: copper bus bars and copper round bars
5. Steel Baskets: copper drawn wires
6. PVC Cases: copper earth rods and copper bars



Work Force

At Arab metals we promote a culture of diversity, taking initiative and innovative ideas. Our expert team are continuously trained and challenged to the demands of the market.

Environmental Reach

Arab metals is a green company,
our products are 100% recyclable metals. We practice the use of our resources responsibly and efficiently.

Social Responsibility

We strive to maintain a transparent and collaborative relationship with our community. We believe in participating proactively and empowering people.

Health & Safety

At Arab metals, the safety and health of our workers are crucial. Our foremost aim is to prevent accidents, work-related illness and inappropriate physical and mental strain at work.
We openly inform people and promote occupational safety knowledge and safety awareness among our staff by means of targeted training courses.

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